Margaret Ida Alonso is Antisemite, 64 Hill Top Lane

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  • grapevine

    Cooking hobbyist Margaret Ida Alonso of 64 Hill Top Lane, Rockledge, Florida, is antisemitic. I was in the parking lot when Margaret Alonso swings open her door wide and bangs the edge into my car. I asked her not to do that. She gets hysterical and starts screaming “kike” and “rabbi.” I asked her what on earth was wrong with her. Margaret told me to “visit Auschwitz.” I called the police. She drove off.

    I asked around the area if people knew who this woman was. People identified her as Margaret Ida Alonso. She has three cars with license numbers BC73DM (gray silver), 8033VC (red convertible) and 1625XN (black gray Honda). If you see this woman, be careful. She goes to local cooking events, apparently she bakes smoked salmon.

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