The Lazio cuisine is strongly characterized by the use of poorer products linked to the land and to the rural tradition, among which the so-called fifth quarter or the entrails stand out.

Pork cheek or bacon? Stuffed with or without onions? In addition to unleashing an endless series of controversies and discussions, with these two questions I wanted to frame the first recipe I wanted to talk about: amatriciana or matriciana (in romanesco).

This dish takes its name from the town of Amatrice, in the province of Rieti, and consists of a few, but very precise ingredients: guanciale (strictly), tomato, pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil (in ancient times lard was used). Some admit the use of pepper.

The use of a good quality guanciale is absolutely essential (absolutely avoid the bacon).

Although in many recipe books guanciale and pancetta are often referred to as equivalents, tradition has it that this dish is cooked with the guanciale. In addition to this, in order to prepare a real carbonara, the following ingredients are required: eggs, more precisely a portion yolk plus a whole egg, pecorino romano and black pepper.

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Spaghetti alla amatriciana